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What is Evoke?

As you grow older, the fat in your cheeks can begin to sag. In addition, the skin and tissues of your chin and jawline can lose their elasticity and droop, creating jowls and a double chin that can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with your appearance.

One way to reduce these changes to your face is through the use of Evoke. Evoke is a hands-free device equipped with revolutionary technology designed to remodel the lower half of your face. This non-invasive, painless procedure involves applicators that send bipolar radiofrequency, or RF, energy to your cheeks, jawline, and chin.

This energy heats the Fibro Septal Network deep in your subdermal layer with a constant temperature that allows it to break up fatty deposits and remodel your skin and tissues, reshaping your face. During your consultation for Evoke Temecula, plastic surgeons at Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa will evaluate your cosmetic concerns and then customize a plan for your specific needs.

Evoke Applications

Evoke Face

This procedure is designed to target sagging cheeks and jowls, melting fat, and tightening the skin, producing more youthful contours in your face to create a younger appearance.

Evoke Chin

This procedure specifically targets the chin area to reduce fat and the appearance of a double chin.

The Benefits of Evoke

During the aging process, your body will start to produce less elastin and collagen. As a result, your skin will begin to experience a loss of elasticity, causing it to sag and wrinkle. In addition, the tissues below the skin may also begin to droop. Many times, these changes affect your jawline, cheeks, and chin. Evoke offers several different customizable facial treatments that can not only melt away your unwanted fat but also restore youthful contours to your lower face. Even better, Evoke is completely non-invasive and involves no downtime, making the treatments ideal for busy schedules. Evoke is an especially useful tool for cosmetic correction that allows social distancing during the procedure thanks to its programmable system and hands-free design.

Evoke Procedure

Evoke Temecula

Evoke is a machine that uses proven bipolar RF energy to penetrate your skin, allowing it to remodel your facial tissues and create a more contoured jawline, chin, and cheeks. The device is programmable, with constant temperature monitoring.

During Evoke Temecula aesthetic providers will send RF energy to various applicators in the treatment to remodel the soft tissues in your face. This process is programmed to repeat during the procedure, and the algorithms it uses to keep it from burning your skin and delivering constant RF energy, which allows it to produce optimal results. As you undergo this treatment, you will not need any sedation or anesthesia. Instead, you can watch TV, work on your laptop, surf the Internet, read a book, or simply close your eyes and relax.

Recovery from Evoke

Evoke is non-invasive, requiring no incisions or injections. As such, the short procedure usually only lasts 30 to 45 minutes, the length of time depends on what your goals are. Afterward, you can immediately return to your regular activities with no need for downtime or recovery.

Evoke Results

It is actually possible to see changes in your face during the first treatment and in the following few weeks. It is recommended to have 4 to 6 treatments to reach full results. It may take up to three to six months for your full results to become visible. Single maintenance sessions are recommended every 1 to 3 months to maintain optimal results.

Due to Evoke being non-invasive, it is more effective over multiple treatments. Each treatment contours your face more effectively by increasing the effects of remodeling. As Evoke destroys fat deposits it also tightens your skin at the same time, helping your face to regain a younger-looking appearance.

Your Consultation for Evoke in Temecula

The Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa has been serving Temecula, CA, and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. The expert plastic surgeons and staff know how to help you reach your cosmetic goals and restore confidence in your body. If you are interested in Evoke for non-invasive face remodeling, call today to book an appointment or use our online form.

Evoke FAQs

If you have jowls, sagging skin on your jaws or wrinkling and loss of elasticity in your jawline or chin, Evoke allows you to reduce these signs of aging without undergoing surgery. Evoke is best for mild lower-face tightening that focuses exclusively on this area.

Because Evoke is non-invasive and does not require surgery, incisions, or injections, there is no pain. During the actual treatment, you will likely only feel a mild warmth against your skin.

The cost of Evoke is dependent on how many treatments you want to have and the specific areas that are being targeted. Because Evoke is an elective cosmetic procedure, most insurance providers will not cover the cost, but the Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa offers financing plans for its patients. Be sure to ask our friendly staff about our finance options.

At Renuance in Temecula Evoke candidates typically have extra skin on their lower face or jawline, have a double chin, have jowls, have extra fat, have sagging skin, or any combination of these.

Discover the difference that beauty can make in your life with a treatment at Renuance. Our award-winning plastic surgeons are dedicated to your care and look forward to treating you. Schedule your consultation today and experience the positive transformation of Renuance.

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