Dermal Fillers in Temecula, CA

  • 10+ filler options, including RHA® Collection
  • Board-certified physician-led medspa
  • Same-day appointments
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Restore Volume and Erase Wrinkles

Your non-surgical solution for a more youthful look

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that help to restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and enhance facial features for a more refreshed appearance. 

Dermal fillers can treat:
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Loss of volume in cheeks, temples, and midface
  • Nose humps and depressions
  • Thin or uneven lips
  • Hollow under-eyes and tear troughs
  • Recessed scars
  • Nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Weak or undefined jawline and chin
  • Aging hands

“Dr. Debby was very kind and did amazing work on correcting my jawline filler. Everyone there is very friendly and was there for about 45 min. If you’re looking for fillers go see Dr. Debby!”

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“If you are wanting Juvederm fillers or Botox this is a great place. I called first thing in the morning and were able to squeeze me into the schedule same day!”

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“The most wonderful and welcoming crew always makes me feel so comfortable. I love the Botox and lip filler. This is the only place I trust to do my treatments.”

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Types of Dermal Fillers at Renuance

At Renuance Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa, we offer a wide range of dermal fillers to address your concerns and achieve natural-looking results, including:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

These fillers instantly restore volume, smooth wrinkles, and contour facial features by replenishing your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid content. Options include:

  • Juvéderm® Voluma XC
  • Juvéderm Vollure
  • Juvéderm Volbella
  • Juvéderm Volux
  • Restylane Defyne
  • Restylane Kysse
  • Restylane Contour
  • Restylane Lyft
Collagen Stimulators

These injectables stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, gradually restoring volume and improving skin quality over time for subtle, long-lasting rejuvenation. Options include:

  • Radiesse®
  • Sculptra®
RHA Fillers

RHA fillers adapt to your natural facial movements, allowing you to express yourself freely without worrying about an artificial or “frozen” appearance. Options include:

  • RHA 2
  • RHA 3
  • RHA 4

Your Dermal Filler Treatment

Your 1:1 Consultation

Meet with one of our experienced injectors for a comprehensive dermal filler consultation. We’ll evaluate your facial structure, skin quality, and discuss your desired outcome to create a personalized treatment plan. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the procedure. If you’re ready to refresh your look without delay, opt for a same-day consultation and treatment for $150. You can also book a consultation and treatment on separate days for $50. All consultation fees are applied toward your dermal filler treatment.

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Your Dermal Filler Treatment

On the day of your treatment, your injector will cleanse your skin and apply a topical numbing cream for your comfort. Using ultra-fine needles or microcannulas, they will strategically inject the dermal fillers into the targeted areas. The procedure typically takes 15-60 minutes, and you can return to your normal activities immediately after.

Why Choose Renuance for Dermal Fillers?

A healthcare professional wearing a black uniform and blue gloves is interacting with a seated patient in a clinical setting. The patient, who has gray hair and is wearing a navy blue polo shirt and gray pants, appears attentive and is seated in a chair designed for medical examinations. The room has white walls and minimal medical equipment visible.

RHA Fillers for Natural Movement

RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) fillers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your skin’s natural movements, delivering a more refined and authentic result. They are the only fillers on the market that can target dynamic wrinkles, which form from repeated expressions. If you’re looking for a dermal filler that maintains a smooth appearance even when you smile, laugh, or frown, RHA fillers at Renuance are the perfect choice.

10+ Filler Options

With a wide selection of hyaluronic acid fillers, collagen stimulators, and RHA fillers, you can precisely target your specific concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to volume loss and facial contouring. By offering a diverse array of filler options, we can combine different fillers to help you achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

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Commitment to Your Safety and Comfort

Our injectors are trained in techniques to minimize discomfort. These include using ultra-fine needles, a slow and steady injection technique, and microcannulas when appropriate. Microcannulas are flexible, blunt-tipped tubes that allow for a gentler, more precise filler placement with less bruising and swelling than traditional needles. We also offer topical numbing cream and ice to further enhance your comfort.

Expert Injectors with Advanced Training

Our skilled injectors have undergone extensive training from leading aesthetic companies like Galderma, Allergan, and Merz, mastering the latest techniques and best practices for each filler product. Combined with years of hands-on experience, our team’s expertise ensures consistently exceptional results.

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Same-Day Treatments

Your time is valuable. That’s why we offer online booking and same-day treatments, allowing you to schedule your dermal filler appointment at a time that suits your busy lifestyle. 

Book Your Dermal Filler Appointment

Ready to rediscover a more youthful, refreshed version of yourself? Schedule your dermal filler consultation at Renuance today and take the first step toward achieving your aesthetic goals. Our experienced injectors are here to guide you through the process and help you look and feel your best.

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Dermal Filler FAQs

How long do dermal fillers last?

The longevity of dermal fillers varies depending on the type of filler, the area treated, and your metabolism. Hyaluronic acid fillers generally last 6-18 months, while collagen stimulators like Radiesse and Sculptra can provide results for up to 2 years or more. Your injector will discuss the expected duration of your results during your consultation.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are generally considered safe when administered by a qualified and experienced injector. At Renuance, we use only FDA-approved fillers and follow strict safety protocols to minimize risks and complications. Common side effects may include temporary swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection sites, but these typically resolve within a few days.

How much do dermal fillers cost in Temecula?

The cost of dermal fillers varies depending on the type of filler, the number of syringes used, and the areas treated. On average, patients can expect to pay between $625-$899 per syringe at Renuance. During your consultation, we’ll provide a personalized quote based on your unique treatment plan and discuss financing options to make your procedure more affordable.

When will I see results from dermal fillers?

Most hyaluronic acid fillers provide immediate results, with some minor swelling that resolves within a few days. Radiesse also provides immediate results that improve over time, while Sculptra results improve over 3-4 months. Results from RHA fillers typically appear within 48 hours.

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