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  • 40+ years of experience, 20,000+ procedures performed
  • Same caring team from consultation to recovery
  • Over 1,500 5-star reviews
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Sculpt your ideal body

If you’ve been feeling frustrated by stubborn fat pockets that just won’t budge, no matter how much you exercise or watch what you eat, body contouring might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Body contouring at Renuance (Murrieta, CA) can address:
  • Excess fat in the abdomen, hips, and thighs
  • Love handles or "muffin top"
  • Sagging skin after weight loss
  • Upper arm flab or "bat wings"
  • Double chin or neck fat
  • Back rolls
  • Stubborn fat around the knees

I had lipo suction and tummy tuck with Dr. Ford. She is a wonderful caring person. Very professional and and expert at what she does. Pain was very minimal just slight discomfort. And at 5 weeks post op I’m feeling and looking great. I highly recommend her.

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Body Contouring Options We Offer

Tummy Tuck

Removes excess skin and tightens abdominal muscles after weight loss or pregnancy.

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Mommy Makeover

Addresses multiple post-pregnancy concerns, such as breast changes and loose tummy skin, in one surgery.

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Breast Lift

Restores a more youthful breast position and shape, enhancing overall breast appearance and contour.

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Removes stubborn fat deposits from various body areas. We offer both traditional and VASER lipo.

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Tightens loose skin and improves body contours. Ideal for those seeking skin tightening without surgery.

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Tightens loose skin and reduces fat with minimal scarring. A less invasive body contouring option.

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Rejuvenates facial appearance by tightening skin and reducing fat in the lower face and neck area.

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Body Lift

Removes loose, excess skin and reshapes multiple areas of the body after major weight loss.

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Addresses signs of facial aging for a more youthful appearance. Focuses on the mid to lower face and neck.

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Reduces fat in targeted areas without surgery. A non-invasive option for body contouring.

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Your Body Contouring Experience at Renuance in Murrieta

Phone screening

Your journey begins with a simple phone call. Your free 20-30 minute phone screening lets you explore your options without leaving home. You’ll speak with a surgical patient coordinator who can answer all your questions about the procedure and the price range. It’s your opportunity to get the information you need on your time, with no obligation. Think of it as your personal, pressure-free introduction to what’s possible here at Renuance.

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1:1 consultation

On the day of the consultation, you’ll be greeted by the same surgical coordinator you spoke with on the phone – a familiar face to guide you through your visit. They’ll recap your previous conversation before introducing you to the doctor for a thorough 30-45 minute consultation. It’s your time to dive deep into your goals and get expert advice.

Afterward, your coordinator will provide the quote. It always will be within the range discussed during your phone screening. You’ll leave with a clear plan and, if you’re ready, your procedure date scheduled.


On your procedure day, you’ll arrive at our private entrance. VIP parking is located right next to it. Use the buzzer, and you’ll be greeted by our surgical coordinator and the nurses. You’ll have your own separate area, away from other patients.

You’ll change into a gown in your private dressing room. If you’ve brought family for support, they can relax in our waiting area. Your procedure may take 1-4 hours, depending on what you’re having done. Afterward, you’ll recover in a private on-site facility.

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Why Choose Renuance for Your Body Contouring?

Experience you can trust

You’ll be in the hands of surgeons with 40+ years of experience and 20,000+ procedures performed.

Quality you can count on

You’ll benefit from the expertise of four board-certified plastic surgeons, with over 1,200 testimonials from patients just like you.

Familiar faces at every step

From your first call to your final follow-up, you’ll see the same dedicated team – coordinators, nurses, and doctors – keeping you in caring, familiar hands.

Above and beyond care

You’ll have your procedure in our operating room with hospital-level equipment and an on-site anesthesiologist. You will recover in our private facility afterward.

Care for out-of-town patients

If you’re traveling to Murrieta for your body contouring, you’ll have our help coordinating airfare, hotel, transportation, and rentals, making your visit easy and comfortable.

Flexible financing options

Get approved in just 60 seconds and start your journey on your terms, with plans tailored to fit your budget.

Our Ethos

Trust, listen, and transform aren't just words; they're the pillars of The Renuance Experience.
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Putting your
trust first

For over 40 years, we’ve been the leading plastic surgery center in Temecula Valley, boasting the most experienced, board-certified surgeons. Our commitment to safety, proven track record, and hundreds of successful before/after photos ensure you’re in trusted hands for your transformation journey.

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Understanding your
beauty goals

Celebrate the uniqueness of your beauty with a team that mirrors the diversity of its clients. Our diverse team listens to your unique story, prioritizing your desires to shape a path toward achieving your aesthetic goals.

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Empowering your

We’re dedicated to transforming you into the best version of yourself through our shared vision. We instill confidence, guiding you every step of the way. Our approach is centered on bringing out the best in you, ensuring you leave feeling more empowered and confident than ever before.

Body Contouring FAQ

Is body contouring the same as weight loss?

Body contouring is different from weight loss. It’s designed to reshape specific areas of your body, targeting stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. While you may lose a small amount of weight, the main goal is to improve your body’s shape and proportions.

How can body contouring help after significant weight loss?

When you lose a significant amount of weight, you might be left with excess skin or stubborn fat pockets that don’t respond to further diet and exercise. Body contouring procedures can help address these issues by removing excess skin, tightening the remaining skin, and sculpting areas where fat deposits persist. It’s important to wait until your weight has stabilized before considering these procedures for the best possible results.

How long do body contouring results last?

Results can be long-lasting if you maintain a stable weight and healthy lifestyle. However, significant weight changes can affect the outcome. To preserve your results, it’s important to follow a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

Will I have loose skin after body contouring?

Most body contouring procedures are designed to tighten skin as well as remove fat. However, if you have significant skin laxity, you might need additional skin tightening treatments. We will assess your skin condition and recommend the best approach.

How much downtime should I expect after a body contouring procedure?

Downtime varies depending on the specific procedure. Non-invasive treatments may require little to no downtime, while surgical options might need 1-2 weeks of recovery. We will provide a detailed timeline based on your chosen treatment.

Can body contouring help with cellulite?

Some body contouring treatments can improve the appearance of cellulite, but results vary. Certain procedures target the fibrous bands that cause cellulite or reduce fat in the area, which can smooth out the skin’s surface. It’s best to discuss your specific concerns with us during your consultation.

Am I a good candidate for body contouring?

Ideal candidates are close to their target weight, in good overall health, and have realistic expectations about the results. If you have specific areas of concern that haven’t responded to diet and exercise, you may be a good fit. A consultation with us can help determine if body contouring is right for you.

How many body contouring sessions will I need to see results?

The number of sessions depends on the treatment type and your individual goals. Some treatments show results after one session, while others might require multiple treatments for optimal results. We will create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Is body contouring painful?

Comfort levels vary by procedure. Non-invasive treatments are usually well-tolerated, while a body contouring surgery may involve some discomfort during recovery. We will discuss pain management options and what to expect during and after the procedure.

Can body contouring treat my post-pregnancy body changes?

Yes, many body contouring procedures are suitable for addressing post-pregnancy changes, such as loose abdominal skin or stubborn fat deposits. These treatments can help you feel more confident in your post-pregnancy body.

How do I choose between surgical and non-surgical body contouring?

The choice depends on your specific goals, the amount of change desired, your willingness to undergo surgery, and your available recovery time. Non-surgical body contouring offers subtle changes with minimal downtime, while surgical procedures can provide more dramatic results but require longer recovery. A consultation with us can help you make an informed decision.

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